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  • Is the Rider Rover maintenance friendly?
    The Rider Rover is designed to seldom require maintenance. But it is a machine, and things happen. For those reasons, our team of engineers designed the Rider Rovers to use readily available parts, with mechanic friendly access. Like a common Honda engine, and many off-the-shelf components. Owners will find ease of maintenance over the extended lifetime of their Rider Rover.
  • How high of a step can the Rider Rover climb?
    The Rider Rover can climb steps up to 4inches high, with a straight on approach. Any higher than that and the guide bar next to the wheels may catch, immobilizing the Rider Rover.
  • How are the three wheels driven?
    The Rider Rover uses a hydraulic drive system to send power to all three wheels, where it's needed most.
  • What is the maximum load capacity of the RT-8 and RT-10?
    RT-8: Can move an 8ft long trowel, 55 inches wide. 2,000lbs (1,000lbs per cable). RT-10: Can move a 12ft long trowel, 66 inches wide. 3,800lbs (1,900lbs per cable).


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